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Parameters will not default

Greetings I am using SQL 2005 Reporting Services and I have a problem with parameters. If I leave 3 of the 4 values as non queried in the Available values section and mark them as a Default Values: of NULL, then the report works fine. However if I set the Available values to a query I have written and leave the Default values as NULL, when I view the report in either preview mode or on the reports server, it wants me to specify a value from the boxes and the tick box for NULL has disappeared. Allow NULL value is ticked inthe first section, Properties. Anybody got any suggestions?
Toni Chaffin
aka Toni
I had the same problem, and came up with a not-too elegant work around! i changed the query to include another value ("–All Branches–") that would never normally be returned in the query. I then changed the default to be this new value and changed the underlying dataset to ignore the parameter if it contained this value. Like I said, not too elegant, but it seems to work! ‘I reject your reality and substitute my own’ – Adam Savage