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I have a table with about 8.5 million records. Basically the table stores all the sales order related information. At any point of time, i have about 100000 open sales orders. Rest of them are all closed. So i had created two tables one with the active orders and the rest in an another table. I have created a partitioned view and access the order table. Except the reports, all the transactions work with only with the open set and so the performance is improved tremendously. But i want to do the same in some other tables. But those tables have timestamp column. So, i am not able to do update or insert through the view. Can you suggest me how to overcome this problem ? Tx and Regards
BOL states that "INSERT statements are not allowed if a member table contains a timestamp column". (Reference views-SQL Server, partitioned data). So I guess direct update is not possible. But you always have an option of using INSTEAD OF trigger on the view for update and insert. HTH. Gaurav
What are you using the timestamp column for? NHO
It is working fine with instead of trigger for the partiotined view , i am using instead of trigger only to resolve this Soma