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Does anyone know of any SQL Server tools that are made for table partitioning? I heard that there is a tool that handles the table partitions and maps queries to the correct partition. So if I had an orders table I could use the tool to partition it by month and I would not have to modify queries using the order table because the application would map the queries to the right partition depending on which months were requested.
??? Why don’t you just use partitioned views. I don’t know of any "application" that automatically handles this without you writing something. Look up partitioned views though in Books Online. Possibly, that’s what you are looking for. MeanOldDBA
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True and I haven’t come accross such third party tools you’re asking. SQL Server 2000 implementation of horizontal partitioning of tables, known as Updateable Distributed Partitioned Views. Updateable Distributed Partitioned Views were a subject of several limitations (outlined in more details in the SQL Server 2000 Books Online), however the most relevant one was resulting from the fact that partitions had to be spread out across multiple SQL Server instances. Satya SKJ
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