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At one instance I tried to PAUSE one SQL server service for some administrative tasks. I was unable to pause, what is the reason behind this. I had followed as per books online for pausing sql server. Any help is appreciated.
How did you started the SQL Server?
Is it a service based from Control Panel –> Services or manually started from command prompt? Satya SKJ

Thank satya for quick reply. To explain further this server is not a production server, so I started using sqlservr from command prompt with limited options. Does this make any difference from serviced startup.
If you start SQL Server from the command prompt, you cannot control it from the Services utility. You need to run it as a service in order to use Services to control its behavior. ——————
Brad M. McGehee
There you are!, u cannot pause the service if its started from command prompt. Only if the MSSQLServer service has been started from Control Panel –> services you can achieve the thing. Restart the services as specified and you will see the difference. Satya SKJ

Thanks for both of you for quick replies. Unlike NET START .. are they any command to pause the server, I need to control the server from a code.
NET PAUSE…. NET CONTINUE, do refer to books online updated SP3. Satya SKJ