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perfmon vs fn_filestats()

Hi All, I have been investigating and generating reports using perfmon & fn_filestats(). I have been seeing unsually large values for AVGDISKREAD = 0.004 (Threshold < 0.002) and when query the finction fn_filestats() the % Stalls for three databases was greater than 10 as listed below. %Stalls
Can anyone suggest any directions on this ?
see my other posts regarding the importance of interpreting counters to understand what is happening in your system
instead of comparing to "threshold" value with no meaning
Hi Joe, Would u Suggest following tool to clear up confusion… Bottleneck Using SPA1&version=6&action=Print Cheers
Hi Joe, oops…sorry my mistake the tool has nothing to do with my query. The performance counters threhold were determined by you splendid article in the link below. I have based my perfmon counters based on your atricle and I know load is high on disks based on thresholds mentioned in article but fail to co-relate it to %Stall if there is any ? Could u please clarify ? Cheers