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Performance Differences -Standard vs. Enterprise

Does anyone know with certainty that Intraquery parallelism is available only in 2005 Enterprise, and not in Standard? Can you provide documentation on this (I have searched relentlessly and will continue)? Also, any thoughts or better yet documentation on other PERFORMANCE differences between Standard and Enterprise? With so many features once reserved for Enterprise now available in Standard, we are considering a downgrade with the move to 2005. MS is trying to scare us. I could care less about online restores, or parallel index builds, but I do not want to degrade query performance. Thanks in advance. Terry

don’t know about 2005, but apparently in 2000,
Ent would have a more aggresive disk read-ahead,
meaning that if you had a big query, it would issue at lot of disk reads asynchronously
if you had a well design high performance storage system, this helps if you had Ent Ed and a poorly designed storage, it could actually hurt smaller queries running at the same time as the big query. other than the cpu & memory limits, the other major item is clustering.