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Performance Issue

The following query is sent by six clients about every 30 seconds on a 30 MB database. The 1.8Ghz server w/1GB of ram is getting killed. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! (@TeeTimeDate datetime,@CourseId int)SELECT ReservedCellCount *100.0/ FullCellCount, TeeTimeDate
FROM tblCourseTimes_v8
WHERE TeeTimeDate BETWEEN @TeeTimeDate AND DATEADD(dd, 6,@TeeTimeDate)AND [email protected]
AND FullCellCount != 0 AND ReservedCellCount!=0 AND ParentCourseTimeId is null
what are the indexes on tblCourseTimes_v8? should probably have a clustered index on: CourseId, TeeTimeDate

check the execution plan. it will give you better suggestions —————————————-
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1GB RAM, why don’t you add another 1GB for performance if the data is accessed frequently. Satya SKJ
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Make sure you have the right indexes and check the I/O stats and execution plan for optimization. I will be interested to add a coputed column for "ReservedCellCount *100.0/ FullCellCount" instead of computing for every execution to improve this query. Check BOL for (persistent) computed coulumns..
Mohammed U.
Try this, add also make sure that you have the required indexes:
DECLARE @TeeTimeDate datetime
DECLARE @TeeTimeDate_to datetime — New variable
DECLARE @CourseId int SET @TeeTimeDate = GetDate() — You can ignore this SET @TeeTimeDate_to = DATEADD(dd, 6,@TeeTimeDate) — New SELECT ReservedCellCount * 100.0/ FullCellCount,
FROM tblCourseTimes_v8
WHERE TeeTimeDate BETWEEN @TeeTimeDate AND @TeeTimeDate_To –Modified
AND [email protected]
AND FullCellCount > 0 –Modified
AND ReservedCellCount > 0 –Modified
AND ParentCourseTimeId is null