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Performance Issue related to Stored Procedure

Hi Everybody, I have one issue related to stored procedure peformance.Actually i have stored procedue which is having code having SQLDMO codes for creating SQL Server object,establishing connection,Get a pointer from the Databases collection for the current database and performing data insert. Issue is that Whenever i call above logic stored procedure first time, it is taking lots of time to return data but from second tim onwards performance of stored procedure is very good. Do you know why this is happening. Thanks and Regards
Ravi K

First time it takes time to catche execution plan in the memory so that successive calls will be faster Madhivanan Failing to plan is Planning to fail
What kind of other activity is on the server?
Check if any other jobs or processess are interacting with this process and taking performance effect. Best thing is to check the execution plan from query analyzer for indexes usage. Satya SKJ
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