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Performance issues running trace

Recently we had trouble with one of our J2EE servers which via JDBC interacts with one of our SQL servers. The boss decided to run Traces to determine where the long running queries were, if any. Instead of running it on his local system via EM he logged onto the SQL server and ran the trace locally. I mentioned that I had read this required more resources than if he had run it remotely. When asked why I was not sure but assumed the simple fact that the profiler was running locally was the reason. When I said this his answer was that if you run it remotely via EM all the data must cross the network to get to EM. My answer to that was that the data does not go anywhere when you use EM that you are simply viewing what is happening on the SQL server. Clearly neither of us have any business doing anything on these servers but until he hires a DBA I have no choice <G>.. In the meantime when we must run traces what is the best way to run them to avoid stressing the server more than we already are. Selecting the trace properties and filtering I assume is a given but please include that has well. Futhermore is there really any difference running it remotely or locally. Basically I don;t want anyone logging onto the server since they leave the machine logged on and basically create security problems. They have this insane belief that if the machine does not have the desktop showing it is not working. The understanding that it is a server and should not be logged into like a desktop has not suck in yet. What am I missing. TIA Doug
I think you are missing nothing.
Find any documentation about haw to run Profiler and show recomentation about no running on server. Luis Martin …Thus mathematics may be defined as the subject in which we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true.
Bertrand Russell
The local EM (or profiler) is a client utility like any other that logs on to SQL Server. Data still has to move from the SQL Server engine to this client. Unless you have problems with your network, running it remotely should not be a SQL server issue. Run your traces remotely….at least for the simple reason of minimizing the number of applications running on the server and if you have any issues with available server resources (CPU,RAM etc). Your security concerns, although reasonable, will not be eliminated by the location of the logon to SQL Server or Windows for that matter. Servers will provide all the available (started) services irrespective of whether anybody is logged on or not. Furthermore, if users/admins can log on to SQL Server from anywhere on the network, they can cause damage from anywhere! Nathan H.O.
Hi Doug, In terms of a specific discussion about JDBC driver with a performance problem, check out Cheers
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Satya SKJ