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Is performance monitor same as tuning advisor? I ran tuning adviser and it ran for some time when I got the below message as an error:
Error encountered on generating reports. Write to [MSDB].[dbo].[data_reports_table] failed. What is the workload file that is required for performance monitor?
Ashish Johri
No it is different to DTA…abase-tuning-advisor-how-far-it-can-help.aspx) fyi. Are you trying to store PERFMON data to table? Satya SKJ
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The Database Engine Tuning Advisor uses a trace from Profiler. The System Monitor (used to be called Performance Monitor) is completely different and can be used for both real-time and historical measurements. Check out the tips section on this website for more information on these tools. ——————————–
Brad M. McGehee, SQL Server MVP