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Performance slowdown on 2 Dual Core Xeons

Hi, Please help. All queries in my application work approximately twice slower on two 2,8GHz Xeons with Dual Core Processor with 2Gb RAM and Raid 0, than on 3GHz Pentium with 512 Mb RAM. Xeon system runs SQL 2000 Enterprise under W2K server, Pentium system runs MSDE 2000 under Windows XP. No other applications except for SQL server are installed. Options in both system are left default. In both cases I use only one client. Just a nightmare… Thanks in advance
Have you checked execution plan of both the systems?
What is the schedule of database maintenance tasks?
Are the queries are taking right indexes to provide optimum performance?
CHeck whether hyperthreading is enabled and it will be interfering on the DUal core system to affect the performance. fyi. Satya SKJ
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check also whether the execution plan shows parallel ops (small yellow circle with two arrows) in the lower right of certain ops.
if so, disable parallelism with OPTION (MAXDOP 1) or other methods
Thanks much, the problem really was with parallelism.