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Permission to Run Profiler in SQL server 2005

I know there is no way to grant permission for a login to run profiler in SQL 2000 other than adding that login in SysAdmin Serverrole. in one article which i read recently states that :- One of the long awaited improvements in this area is delegating the ability to run SQL Profiler without granting membership in the SysAdmin fixed server role (this is done by including a designated login in the Analysis Services server role). i would like to know if anybody has tried this…. Madhu
BOL specifies:
By default, running SQL Server Profiler requires the same user permissions as the Transact-SQL stored procedures that are used to create traces. To run SQL Server Profiler, users must be granted the ALTER TRACE permission. For more information, see GRANT Server Permissions (Transact-SQL). Refer to BOL for more information, yes it was successful at our end. Satya SKJ
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thanks satya.. I implemented it
This is one of the headache taken out by MS.
There is work around in 2000 if you are interested. create a batch file to run the trace using OSQL and convert batch file to an executable and give it to the user without compromizing security…
Mohammed U.
Can you please provide my more details on how to implement the "batch file approach" to provide SQL 2000 database users run the trace with out sysadmin role?