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Physical DIsk

Hi All, On one of my SQL Server machine ( Active/Passive Cluster 2000 Server with SP4 ). In the Performance Monitor, In the Performance Object Drop down list box ( this window pops up when we try to add a counter ) , I cannot see PHYSICAL DISK Performance Object. Is there some thing I have to enable as I have to see Avg Disk Queue Lenght on the Server. Please let me know. Thx
Logical Disk Reports activity and usage of disk partitions and volumes. Use diskperf -y to enable disk counters and diskperf -n to disable them. To specify the type of counters you want to activate, include d for physical disk drives and v for logical disk drives or storage volumes. When the operating system starts up, it automatically sets the diskperf command with the -yd switch to activate physical disk counters. Type diskperf -yv to activate logical disk counters. For more information about using the diskperf command, type diskperf -? at the command prompt.

Thx So much