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please help cant attach database

I detached the a database cause i needed to move the transaction log file to a different drive cause i was running out of space. It detached sucessfully but when i go to reattach the database i get an error stating: Server: Msg 9003, Level 20, State 4, Line 1 The LSN (19377:35:1) passed the Log scan in database ‘baandb’ in invalid Connection Broken . i have done this on another test server and it worked fine so i dont know why it didnt work here. Pleasse help thanks
I have found this link. Check if it is of any help. Bambola.
i did the sp_attach_single_file_db and it attached successfully and it created a new log file. Is it bad that it created a new log file, i know nothing was using the database at the time i detached it so i dont think i lost any transactions, Is there a way to test to make sure everything is ok.
I don’t think there are any checks required as there should not be a problem of data not being written to the database. Gaurav
Check the SQL error log for any information during SP_ATTACH_DB process, if you are unsure just detach and attach DB using SP_ATTACH_SINGLE_FILE_DB which will create new log file. Make sure to run DBCC checks against the database before detaching. _________
Satya SKJ