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Point of Time Recovery

Hello Frinds, One of our client using sql server.
They had some corruption at some point on 20th March, 2007 in their SQL Server Database.
They detected this Yesterday.They dont have any full/transaction log backup to recover that point of time. But the LDF file is there. Is there any way to restore the data till 20th March using LDF file? How do I ‘read’ a log file to know what transactions happened on 20th? Thanks,
you can try third party tool,
like Lumigient Log Explorer
or APEX SQL LOG to view log file
Thanks Mr.Akthar.
Means u must go for third party tool.
http://sqlserver2000.databases.aspfaq.com/how-do-i-recover-data-from-sql-server-s-log-files.html —————————————-
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If you do not have any Backup ,, then yes you will have to go through third party tool AKTHAR
Third party tools will not work if the database recovery model in SIMPLE mode OR if the database log truncated… MohammedU.
Thanks for update.
What recovery model are you usiing on the database? AKTHAR
I am using full recovery model.
Ok. Then you can try the Third party tools!!! AKTHAR