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pplications which are connected to this db is slow

Till day before yester day , the report page was opening fine in browser.But Now its not opening and we cant see the report.All the applications which are connected to this db is slow and we are unable to see any thing even waiting for hour.I am not getting what is the problem.Pls explain how to fix this
Have you looked at the performance monitor counters to see if there are any problems with the SQL Server or application servers? Look at the memory, network, processor, and physical disk counters to start with. Also, you might want to run Profiler to see if there are any really long running processes out there that are consuming a lot of resources. There are a lot of good articles on this site and www.sqlteam.com about performance tuning. Read those, and they should help quite a bit. MeanOldDBA
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The problem is with this database only .the server has several dbs.Applications which are using other dbs are working fine.Trouble is with this db only
Then provide the information about Database consistency checks and PERFMON & PROFILER counters to assess the information. Satya SKJ
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