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hello: i have this huge problem. it’s killing me.i have this store procedure :
CREATE PROCEDURE siesta @param1 int AS declare @ne1 varchar(20)
declare @text varchar(20) if( select count(*) from tabla3 where [email protected])<1
begin select @ne1=(select campo2 from tabla3 where [email protected])
insert into tabla3 values(@param1,@ne1)
begin print ‘already in the table’
the procedure insert if it’s not there . and if the person is already in the table send a message. the problem is that i want to call the store procedure from visual basic 6.0
but i want to see the PRINT ‘already in the table’. how can i do it? i’ve tried several things but … . THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.
SELECT ‘Already in the table.’ MeanOldDBA
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or RAISERROR(‘Already in table’, 16, 1) and then have VB handle the exception thrown by ADO
RAISERROR and ADO is ideal for this. The SELECT ‘Already in Table’) has a chance of not being seen by the front-end developer for what it is – an constraint violation. The developer may actually use it as a recordset (VB 6) or datareader (VB.NET) and end up writing more code to handle this situation. Does this feel like a UNIQUE constraint? If it looks, smells and works like a UNIQUE constraint, then please define one and let SQL Server do the work for you.
Otherwise , you may also want to re-write your stored procedure thus: CREATE PROCEDURE siesta
@param1 int
Declare @ne1 varchar(20) IF EXISTS( Select campo1 from tabla3 where [email protected])
RAISERROR (‘Already in table’, 16, 1)
Select @ne1=(select campo2 from tabla3 where [email protected])
Insert into tabla3 values(@param1,@ne1)
Nathan H.O.
THANK YOU , THANK YOU VEEEEEEEERRRRRRRYYYYYYYYY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!