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Priority Boost is Non Compliant ????

I was playing around with Best Practices Analyzer on one of my test servers. It says enabling Priority Boost is ‘Non Compliance’. I think it should be really treated as ‘Compliant’.
Well, if it is only compliant on dedicated SQL Servers, then BPA should ask if it is a dedicated or non-dedicated server, before starting the scan. Then again, doesn’t dedicating a server for SQL server is one of the Best Practices ? Please let me know what you guys think ? Moderator, Please feel free to move this to a more relevant topic.
I have similars message from Spotlight.
I run test on severals server (production servers) and I get betters results with Priority Boost.
Luis Martin
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Even if it’s a dedicated sql server with multiple processors, using priority boost can still in some scenarios result in other processes like network not getting enough resources. I guess that’s why they don’t treat it as Compliant.
yes I like Argyle have had problems with Priority Boost and won’t ever use it on a production machine. The risk of SQL starving the OS (and therefor my attempts to get control of the server) is too great to warrant it. Also if the box is well spec’d then there ought to be no real difference running without priority boost. It will only help if there are multiple processes competing for CPU resources Cheers
… and always test before deploying in the production as it depends on environment to environment.
For all the OLTP application database servers we do not use this option and use on very few servers which are less resource intensive applications. Satya SKJ
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Now, that makes me re-think about this option. I have it enabled on all of our production boxes. Though I never had any problem with this so far, I will run some tests to see if it is really having any positive affect. I wish there is more flexibility to change the priority base between 7 and 13.