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Problem during merge replication

Hi. I have set a replication for 2 minutes for OLTP scanario. After that time I’ve a huge data to replicated that takes some seconds. Now problem is that at that time online users see different data at different time during merging process. My question is that is tehre any way that we could merge the data as a transaction so that users could see the consistant data or any other solution. Thanks.
set the synchronization schedule to Run countinuously —————————————-
For sure its run continously but my problem is different. I’m running a small application in aspx thats show me results. I have production database (for insertion/updation and deletion) that is replicated in LIVE database (used only for selection). During repication when I fetch results from LIVE it gives me different number of records thats generated during replication that starts after every 2 minute. Sample execution is
No Of records in LIVE = 16830
No Of records in LIVE = 17288
No Of records in LIVE = 17674
No Of records in LIVE = 17888
No Of records in LIVE = 18483
No Of records in PRODUCTION = 19713 You can clearly see here that users see different no of records from LIVE database. Now my question is that is there any way that this replication will be done as a transaction base not at row level so every time result should be consistent. Thanks for your reply.