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Problem Facing nText Data Type

Hi,<br /><br />I am facing a problem with the duplicate data exist in one of the legacy data base..<br /><br />The issue is; one of the tables has few nText, ID [int], SubDate [date] fields. So some of the SubDate fields are duplicated. I need the entire data with a DISTINCT of date field, but we can not apply the Distinct clause when a table having nText data type. I tried to get the data using some GROUP BY, all are failing [<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-6.gif’ alt=’:(‘ />]<br /><br />So can any one suggest some solution for resolve the issue?<br /><br />Thanks<br />Ajith
You could try adding another identity column and then try replicating data and delete with that new ID. Satya SKJ
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Even though we add a new identity column, we canot group by the table value, since it is using the nText type . Can you please guide me what the speps i need to do for that ? Thnaks
Use a correlated subquery to find the first ID value for the same SubDate:
SELECT t1.ID, t1.SubDate, t1.nText
FROM MyTable t1
WHERE t1.ID = (SELECT MIN(t2.ID) FROM MyTable t2 WHERE t2.SubDate = t1.SubDate)

Thanks for your Reply, its fine :)