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Problem regarding database mail

I have a problem regarding database mail. Firstly, the thing I have to do is send an email to 3 id’s using database mail with the info of a particular job’s success or failure. The database mail is now configured with only one profile, one account and only one email id in the ‘reply to’ part of the account info. Now I have added 2 more id’s using semi-colon there. But I am not able to know what changes do I have to make in the job inorder to send the email to all the 3 id’s.
When I go to notification part of advanced options for the job I find only one previous id tht is already configured but not the new ones I have added in the ‘reply to’ part of account in database mail. Can somebody help me with this problem? Thanks
You can create an operator using 3 ids and configured the job to send notification to that operator. Mohammed U.
yes it is nothing to do with Database mail.
you can configure Agent to send mail using database mail. there you can have only only profile —————————————-
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.. on what has been referred above. Satya SKJ
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Mohammed I understood, what u try to suggest, but in the notification part of a job, there is an option of sending mail to only one operator at a time, so u say that I can create an operator using 3 id’s seperated by semi-colon that would work, right? Thanks
Yes. Mohammed U.