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Problem to connect to SQL Server

I have two instances of SQL Server installed on my Test server. which is the (Local) which is the second instance Today, no one could connect to the SQL Server. I restarted the server. Both instances services are running. Now, everyone can connect to the but still it is not possible to the (Local). I am trying to connect to it using EM or QA on the server’s console but nothing. I have tried different id and passwords. What should I do? Thanks, CanadaDBA
Do you have any message in Event Viewer?
Luis Martin
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What is the exact error message?
Yesterday, one of our testers was trying to install SQL Server on her local and register one of the instances. She noticed that although she has registerd the second instance but expanding the databases shows the first instance data.
Our SQL server restarts everyday at 4am. When I checked the Ports on the server’s consol I found that the ports are 4354 for local and 1783 for the second one while they were 1433 for local and 4354 for the second one. I fixed the ports and stopped and restarted the SQL-Server and problem is resolved.