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Problem while running concurrent transactions…

Hi All, In my application we have some XML files in Folder. Our application has to parse those XML files and store them in the database. Once a file is started we are starting a Transaction and commiting the transaction after it is parsed and stored in the database. In between if we got any error, we are rollbacking the transaction and storing that error information in another table. This is working fine if we run a single instance of my application. But when i run multiple instances after processing some files, all the instances are getting hang-up.It is calling the Stored Procedure to insert data, but after that no response from the application. Even it is not giving time-out exception. I am not able to find out the reason. Any help?? Jitendra
I believe it is hung during the rollback transaction and having more than one process working the SQL might be struggling to allocate resources. May try running a server side trace at the same time to see what is happening behind the process. Satya SKJ
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