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Problem with saving connection password

I’m having difficulties trying to keep my destination connection password saved, even though I check the box that says save password. I see that the connection string has the "Persist Security Info = True" set, but how do I get rid of this? Is this something I can change at the project or package level, or is this a setting coming directly from the sql server? Thanks,

Ok, so disregard the part about the persist security info, as I have realized that that has nothing to do with saving the password. I am still unable to get the package to save the connection password (this is keeping me from being able to deploy and run my package from our live server). Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks,
that’s right.
if u want to copy the package and modify it in another computer.
u’d better change the "ProtectionLevel" property of the package.
u can choose "Encrypt Sensitive .. With Password" and confirm the password after that ,u can copy and modify it in another computer,with the password! Life is simple~~~

Thank you! That worked, of course! [<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />]