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problem with sp_help

i have database X
table t1 in database X user B (another user) i give permissions on X to B (every except the deny..) i can connect and X can "select * from t1"
X can sp_help
X can sp_helpdb but X can’t exec sp_help t1 !!!!!
it gives the following error: "The object ‘t1’ does not exist in database ‘X’." user B wants to see the t1 structure, please help [V][V][V][V]
who is the owner of table t1? what ‘server roles’ did you assign to user B? When you run sp_help with no table name, does it return results for all tables include t1?

user A, (another user) datareader, datawriter, dbo, public… Yes
1) the owner is A, that is another 2) db_owner, public, datareader, datawriter, etc… 3) yes
EXCUSE ME I AM SORRY: the correct sintax is : exec sp_help ‘A.t1’ i forgot the quote thanks for your help