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Problems with multiple DB instances

Greetings<br /><br />I am attempting to create a new instance of SQL Server on the same physical box. I want to copy an existing database over to the new instance. I start by copying the master db in order to get all of the logins. But when I do this, the existing instance won’t work with the new instance. It is as if SQL Server doesn’t see it as a copy. So only one instance is functional at a time. What am I missing?<br /><br />Thanx for your help. This forum is great! [<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-2.gif’ alt=’:D‘ />]<br /><br />Carla
What error message you get ? I guess one of the instance is not running.
IN your case you should have followed these steps — 1) Install a new instance with the name as —
ew instance name
2) Thru service manager ensure that both instances are running ( you can also check thru services )
3) Take a backup from default instance and then restore over master db in new instance. I think when you restore the master db the db should be in single user mode ( I am not sure on that ). Did you do something different than this ?

Yes, that is exactly what I did (restored in single user mode–only way to restore the master). It appears to restore successfully (i.e., no error messages). But when I try to restart the new instance in regular mode, it will start, but then the original instance won’t. Very strange. I figured I must not be selecting the correct options during the restore. Carla