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process querries via my mail

I have configured SQL mail and outlook.Now i need to process querries via my mail na d recive the output by mail.How can I do this.??
Have you read about xp_sendmail extended procedure in BOL? — Rediscover the web

Hi ! ys I read the documentation of xp_sendmail.It has a parameter @query whch can take the query whch can send the result by email.But I want to send the queries by email to the SQL server with out using QA,and want the results by mail.How can I do this?
Now I understand what you mean. I have never used it myself, but here’s what I’ve found: From BOL:

sp_processmail Uses extended stored procedures (xp_findnextmsg, xp_readmail, and xp_deletemail) to process incoming mail messages (expected to be only a single query) from the inbox for Microsoft® SQL Server™. It uses the xp_sendmail extended stored procedure to return the result set to the message sender. Incoming e-mail is expected to have a single valid SQL Server query as the message text. The results of the query are returned to the message sender and copied to any e-mail users on the CC: list of the original message.
Rediscover the web

And also article about indepth of SQL Mail usage. HTH Satya SKJ
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