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Processes Appearing of Their Own Accord?!

Hello, I have a database which appears to be getting processes created on it from a computer that hasn’t been connected to the database for some weeks. When I’ve looked there are always between one and five processes running and they’ve always been created within the last half hour. The processes still appear even after killing existing ones off. Has anyone any ideas what might be the explanation for this? Many thanks

Can you tell the SPID values connected. Run SP_WHO2 to see the activity and take help of PROFILER to capture the process. Satya SKJ
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Also you can use, below DBCC to know what is going inside SPID.. DBCC INPUTBUFFER(SPID) DBCC OUTPUTBUFFER(SPID) Deepak Kumar –An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind
Are you looking at the hostname in sysprocesses? This name can be changed if the APP=MyComputerName parameter is specified in the connection string. This is common in visualstudio applications that they add this paraemter. Look at the Netaddress field instead (that is the computer MAC address).
Thanks for the help. Looking at the Netaddress field made it clear that the hostname being shown in Process Info wasn’t strictly correct. So I’m now happy that these aren’t spurious processes! Just as a bit more background, the application is written in Access 97 and uses linked tables to SQL Server. It also makes use of an ODBCDirect connection as well. The ODBCDirect connection shows up properly with the right hostname in Process Info. As far as I can make out, it is connections that are making use of the linked tables via Access that show the incorrect hostname. They are showing the hostname of my development computer. The only thing I can’t work out is where this is being set. If I relink the tables on another computer, I still get the same hostname that’s been showing up all along…