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Processing the database Cubes

Hello all, Is it possible to create a task in DTS packages on 2000 server to process the Cubes on other server which is running 2005 analysis services?
your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,
I think it is not possible to process 2005 cubes from DTS in 2000.
Other way can be,(but i’m not sure what other issues needs to be covered)
1>Create SSIS package to run the 2005 AS cube and create SP in 2005 to run the SSIS package using
dtexec utility of 2005.
2>make call to execute above SP from 2000 server.
3>I think still there will be issues of windows credentials as Analysis Server uses WIN credentials which will be used of 2000 server instead of 2005 server.
So you may need to add the 2000 Win login to 2005 Server administrator group.