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Production Crash with Invalid index entries on log

I have a production database with 500 GB of usable information which need to be online 24x7x365. We never had problemes before, and I do a full backup every 2 days and transaction log backups every 4 hours into a Dedicated backup server (2 GB SATA drives) over gigabit network. Yesterday one of the most important databases turned into SUSPECT. For some reason various index references were lost, and the log could not be used to rollback the transactions. I proceeded to try and reopen the databas with no luck. I backed up the tail of the log. I went to my backups, FULL restore first, then apllied archived transactions until 2 minutes before the crash (point-in-time recovery). After I applied the last tail of the log using point-in-time recovery the database turned to LOADING/SUSPECT state. What should I have done in order to have the DB up and running? Please feedback, I will post my workaround later.
I posted a reply to your other post: