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Profiler in SQL Server 2005

Hi pros, I happen to spend a lot of time profiling SQL Servers and viewing execution plans of bad written queries. In SQL Server 2000 I could copy the textdata of the profiler output, paste it in a query analyzer an hit F5 to run the query. I do this often. The only problem was that a query of significant size was trimmed to some max allowed string length and I couldn’t run some length queries. That was a rare situation cos the allowed size was sufficient for most cases. HAS THIS DEFAULT SIZE CHANGED IN SQL SERVER 2005? Most of my queries are now trimmed and I don’t know how to set this to a greater length. On the top of that there seems to be a problem with the date parameters in the output of the profiler. Whenever there is a datetime parameter in the query the profiler’s output seems to put a newline in beetween the date and time of date string and the query won’t execute if I paste it as is. I loose a lot of time with editing queries. Can you please help? Thanks a lot KKT
Are you tracing 2000 or 2005 databases?
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SQL Server 2005 KKT
Refer to BOL for sys.dm_exec_sql_text() to get the information about cached query plans. HTH Satya SKJ
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