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Project to learn for SQL Server 2k

Hi everyone,
I am a newbie interested in learning SQL Server 2000. I bought the MS SQL Server 2000 DBA Survival Guide and found the book interesting but it really didn’t have projects that i can simulate in my learning process. I was wondering if anyone who is working on a real world project at work could provide me a similar project that they are working on at work. I am somewhat of a newbie, so if you can make the project a little less complex, that would be great. If no one has any ideas, are there websites that have project examples? I guess everything starts out with designing or creating the database?Thanks. P.S: I just installed SQL Server 2k the other day on my home network, but no project to use it on.
Well, if you are wanting to program in ASP with your SQL Server 2000 database, you can take a look at There you can download some sample web applications that come with SQL Scripts to set up the database. You may want to make sure that IIS is setup on your machine, too, that way you’ll have a complete working environment. ———-
T Kelley
True, you can get from your office or home. As per Tkelly’s suggestion you can design a website with your day to day activities which will give some idea for you to startwith. One more thing keep your post to similar topics, kindly avoid duplicate posts. See my reply at also. HTH