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pros and cons of pull and push subscription

We are in a process to set up replicatication.I need to list the pros and cons of pull and push subscription.More over we need to know , which one is better ; push subscription or pull subscription
As far as the pull and push subscription is concerned, it all depends on the requirement …its like this when u think u dont need ur subscriber to manually search for the publication and get access to them its then when u use push subscription where distributor pushes the publication and when u think subscriber shud manually need to search for the publication then pull is used and for that matter even if distributor needs to automatically take the publication then push from the publisher …plz correct me if iam wrong Regards
Why are you setting up replication? Detail the requirements and we can suggest the best method. Aaronsandy, you seem to post an extremely wide variety of vague questions -can I ask what you current role is? Are you really just trying to understand the technology better?
With a push subscription, the publication server is responsible for replicating all changes to the subscribers without asking for the changes. While with pull subscription, the subscriber initiates the replication instead of the publisher thus requiring lower overhead than push subscriptions. Also, pull subscription is better if you have a large number of subscribers. Jon M