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Proxy/ISA Server ?

Hi all,
In our company we have two zones. A LAN for all clients and a SECURE zone for the servers.
Clients in the LAN using DHCP.
In this scenario whe have to open port 1433 on the firewall for all LAN clients being able to connect to the SQL Servers in the SECURE Zone.
To thighten security we want to implement a BOX with user based authentication.
This means:
– The firewall contains only one rule allowing only the "BOX"-server accessing SQL Servers in SECURE zone.
– Clients do not connect the SQL servers in SECURE zone directly, insted the shoud going over the BOX (which verifys if user is allowed to connect to selected SQL server). Is there a product (maybe from Microsoft Proxy Server / ISA Server ??) out there who offers this functionality? (It’s like connection manager from Oracle). Any help is appreciated.

Firs of all change the port the SQL server listening to and enable the defined port on firewall for further security measures. You can try MS ISA server in this case as we have similar setup where access to few SQL Servers are only allowed thru Terminal Services connection. Satya SKJ
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