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Hi, We have a strange problem occuring in out SQL server for the past few days. the performance goes down rapidly when the user connection exceeds 200+ wherein our server is very much capable of handling more than 500 conections. All the applications referring the server throws timeout. The counters seem to be normal and like all the other days when we had no issues and also the user connections were relatively high. While contacted microsoft, they suggested to run a Pss Diag and send them the output. Still am curiuos to know what could be the problem. Kindly throw some light in this regard. Thanks in advance,
It is hard to tell…
Can you post some server info…and the collected dataa… MohammedU.
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One thing I would definitely check is if your connection pool supports > 200 connections. Try bumping it up to 400 connections and see if that helps. You can up the # of connections in the pool in your connection string.
So what was the output from PSSDIag and also you can run SQLDIAG to get more information.
Also check the elements of network & server hardware in this case to get more information fro the performance slowdown.
WIthout further details from your side its hard to decide what is good or bad. Satya SKJ
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