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Publication Article Properties problem

SQL Server 2005 SP1, Transactional Replication In short: I try to change some Article Properties values from False to True, but they keep reverting back to false. In detail: In Management Studio, I go to Publication Properties, Articles, click on Tables, Article Properties, Set Properties of All Table Articles. I change one or more values, for example, changing "Copy default value specifications" from False to True. Click OK. Click OK. Receive prompt to reinitialize subscriptions. Click Mark For Reinitialization. The Publication Properties window stays open for a while (looks like a sort of not-responding state; I figured it was just applying changes) then closes. Right away, I go back to check the values I’d just changed, and the values are back to False again. I had made some of these changes yesterday, and the snapshot generated looks like it scripted the triggers/indexes/etc. that it should have, based on the article properties I’d changed. But the properties showed False today in the Article Properties, when I’d set them to True. It’s confusing…
Run the sql trace to find what command it is running to modify the properties and run those commands from query window and see if you get any errors or warning…
Mohammed U.
Tried it again, this time with Profiler running. Found what I assume is the step that modifies the article properties… (exec sp_changearticle, which includes "@property = N’schema_option’") Didn’t show any errors when I tried running it in in the query window. What I DID notice was that if I go back to the article properties and look at the properties for a single article, it looks correct. But when looking at properties for All articles, it’s incorrect, based on the values I specified. I don’t know if this means that there’s one or more articles that didn’t successfully change, out of the several hundred in the list. Or that you have to reset article properties from their defaults if you want it to apply to all articles at once… I may have to find a way to programatically check to see if there are any individual articles that didn’t change to the specified values.