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I am having problems with the debugger in query analyzer. I am doing the following so far: 1. I have setup a t-sql script has a stored procedure, 2. I am using the Debug option in Query Analyzer by:
selecting the object browser, right click the stored procedure
and then click Debug. It looks like the stored procedure works, since the return code = 0. However this stored procedure is suppose to update a table and it does not update the table at all. Before hitting the F5 button, I set break points like I would in visaul studio.net and expect the code to stop on the break points. However, the debugger does not stop on the break points.
In query analyzer, the only buttons that are not grayed out are:
start, set break points, and delete break points.
In other words, none of the other icons are active. All the other icons are grayed so I can not select them. I can not do a ‘step into’, ‘step over’, ‘step next’. Thus these options are not available and I do not know why.
I my own database setup on a sql server 2000 database server.
Is there some kind of options that I need to set so that I can step through the code? Is there some sql server settings that need to set on. The stored procedure has a cursor that is declared and it is setup as a fetch.
The the value from one table is located with the cursor, that value is used to update values in another table. Thus can you tell me what to try so that I can use all the debugging options like setting breakpoints, and stepping into code to work. Thanks!
When debugging, there is an option to rollback, which is on by default.
http://www.sql-server-performance.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=22296 – talk thru the process. Satya SKJ
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