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Question About Backup

I have SQL SERVER 2000 name as ABC & i ahve another server which is name as XYZ. This XYZ is not SQL 2000 & as 250GB SPace. I want to Map drive to SQL SERVER ABC so that i can do Database backup.
SO my question is whether it is possible & second thing i need help how to do so that when i go to backup properties i should be able to see that Map Drive which will be used for backup.
Any help will be appreciated.
Share the Drive( say Dumps ) on XYZ machine and back up the database from ABC to XYZ ( Some thing like this from the Query Analyser \XYZDumpsDB.BAK ) . hope this helps Venu
thanks for your help. appreciate.
Try doing this too.
On ur SQL machine ABC map the network drive and give path as \xyzfolderpath. and map- as f: or g: network drive. Now u can take backup as
backup database dbname to disk=’f:db.bak’

Don’t map the drive. Just setup the share and use the network syntax that Venu pointed out to you. Remember that mapped drives are specific to the login of the user. You never want to backup over a network using mapped drives. MeanOldDBA
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