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question on datapages?

Hi everyone, i am working as oracle dba now i need to support sql server 2000/2005 i have a question.
senerio is:
i have a table which contain 1 million records. my end users are doing lot of inserts and updating one column. it is huge colums contain 2000 bytes. my question is i want to know how many extents are that i have per one table(big table).
again i want to know the datapages allocation per extent. if i found lot of extent per table then i how do i perform reorg. Regards,

In the SQL Server world, we have extents, but we don’t really care about them. If you goal is to do a reorg, read this article in SQL Server Books Online: "Reorganizing and Rebuilding Indexes". It will answer all your questions. ————————————————————–
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Welcome to SSP! & book references on what you should know within SQL Server for a Oracle pro. Also the books online entry for pages & extents. Satya SKJ
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