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In our existing server (sqlserver 2005 32 bit) we are using raid to have our mdf,ldf files for all our databases .
but now we are planning to migrate all those databases to the new server windows 2003(sqlserver 2005 64 bit) and also we are planning to use the same
database and log files existing inthe raid. but right now only the existing server is having access to the raid.the new server is not having access to raid. how can i move the databsaes from existing server to new server by having use the same files in the existing raids.
A Case for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID)…
It doesn’t matter what server you are create it has to has have the disks and configured either raid5, raid 1 or raid 10…. Any way you can migrate the database using backup restore method or detach attach method…
To reduce the down time use Backup/Restore method … MohammedU.
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Like Mohammed said. May be using restore you have to use MOVE option an that is all.
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where can i find the documentation, for migrating the databases and the servers from 32 to 64 bit and know the impacts, and the backout procedures. because in tis case, if we are using the same raid, then only 1 server can access that, so i don’t know whether i have to move those raids first and then restore the databases .
and also is there any impacts for performance, shall i redo indexes,,,
There is no specail procedure to migrate database from 32 bit to 64 bit…
It is the same process migrating the databases using backup/restore and detach/attach method… Check with your system engineer about drive on the server then install the sql server and move the dabases using any one of the menthod mentioned above…. MohammedU.
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How is the new servert configured in terms of Disk.?
Also as mentionned above you dont really need to cater about RAID Config if you dont habe it on the New Server. But if you want to have redundency then you will have to opt for DB mirroring AKTHAR
You must check the application with load & stress testing in terms of how SQL is catering the resources when it is on RAID and without RAID. Disk is not a major but it will have impact if the resource allocation is not good enough, memory will also play major part and as you are going to 64bit I believe it will be a higher-end as compared to 32 bit ones. Follow Joe Chang’s posts in this forum and ask him if you have any doubt with regard to storage etc. fyi. Satya SKJ
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