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RAID — hardware vs. software

I’ve just read A Quick Look at Serial ATA (SATA) Disk Performance article. One of the conclusions – page 8 – is:
There are performance and manageability differences between hardware RAID1 and software RAID1, but we are not convinced which is better for TerraServer in the long run.
Moreover, in many tests that the authors describe software RAID outperformed hardware RAID. I have always been certain that when it comes to choosing whether to use software or hardware RAID, the answer is simple and straightforward — hardware RAID always performs better than software RAID and there are no exceptions. However, it seems not be true in this case. It would be great to know your opinion. — Marek Grzenkowicz

"hardware RAID always performs better than software RAID and there are no exceptions." I believe that, with adecuate controler. And from the maintenance point of view, if one disk crash, the action of replace is easy with hardware, and not so easy with software.
Luis Martin
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We had bitter experiences in the past in using Software RAID and that was purely a money gambiling by the Vendor where there was no realtime performance with the software. Ultimately it was decided to stick to old drawing board for Hardware board. (my 0.02 £) Satya SKJ
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