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Raid System

Hello, What’s the best Raid Level to use in production server? I am looking for performance and data protection. Cost is not an issue.
What would be an ideal way to split the Database, Paging file and log files onto the local drives?
How many types of joins does SQL Server support?
Thanks in advance.
California Use RAID 10 both for logs and data/index files. When cost is an issue you could allocate data and index files on RAID 5 or equivalent; however, keep logs on RAID 10. RAID 10 offers better availability than RAID 5 and better performance especially for write-intensive applications. Some of our customers have reported up to 50% adverse impact on write intensive work load when moving to RAID 5. The impact on performance of RAID 5 is dependent on the hardware vendor#%92s implementation of RAID 5 and the characteristics of your particular work load. You should not assume that you will get a 50% adverse impact – it could be higher or lower.
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Mohammed, Thanks for your answer. Do you have a side by side comparison between Raid 5 and Raid 10? If no, could you please point to some documentation on this? With your answer, I assume Raid – 10 is the best in terms of Performance and Availability. Am i right? Thanks,
This tutorial will help you understand the fundamentals. Roji. P. Thomas
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Yes Raid 10 is good for performance, Refer to link too. Satya SKJ
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