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RAM Disks – Anyone use them?

Hi Folks- We’ve outgrown our years-old IBM EXP that we’re using for our storage system. Since the costs of moving to a high end SAN are reaching 90k in our quotes, we’ve been toying with the idea of using third pary RAMDISKs to hold items like our TEMPDB (where we’re getting the most queueing). Does anyone have any experience with placing files on RAMDISKs? What third party products are you using? Thanks, Donger
i am not convinced ram disk are the right solution
also, SANs generally have poor price/performance. depending on the exact details, i really think most needs can be meet easily met with direct attach storage.
see my article on this site for more configuration details. I might conside a Solid State storage device in certain circumtances
the only situation i am aware of for this is the handle a log backup on a highly active db,
this could be avoided if MS provides a feature for the log backup, but they do not at this time

90K for how much space you need and what’s the I/O load? RAMDISK is not the solution. There are other much effective and efficient solutions. May the Almighty God bless us all!
Guys, thanks for the feedback. I do believe that the I/O issues can be handled with direct-attached storage (ie. throw more disks at the problem and configure them correctly). Just wondering if anyone has tried the RAMDISK option. Thanks, Donger
if you the type that uses system memory to make RAM disk, then Quickshift is that type of product. I thought they did a reasonable implementation of a RAM disk,
however, it was clear that the right solution was to fix the source of the problem (disk performance) rather to use a RAM disk to handle the problem