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RAM Optimization – Sequential or Random?

Hi, I am configuring a Dell PE6600, 8GB of RAM, 4 Xeon MPs, RAID 1/RAID 5 a BIOS option is to optimize RAM for Sequential or Random access and I am not sure what to choose. There are a couple of PE2650s here too and their default bios settings for this option is set differently from what is set on the 6600. One is set to Sequential by default and the other set to Random. Can anyone explain to me what option is best for what scenarios? Also, the optimal setting for SQL server specifically.
Ask your hardware manufacturer for the most recent BIOS release level and optimum BIOS settings for disk adapter/disk drive combination. Satya SKJ
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If you can’t find out from the vendor, my best guess would be for random access, as that by far is the most common type of access used by SQL Server. The exception would be for a log file on its own array, and in this case, sequential access would probably be best. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP