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RAM utilization

We are using SQL 2K with sp4 with W2K3 standard with sp1. The server that is housing the above software has 2.6 Gtyes in RAM. SQL 2K is set to use RAM as dynamically configure. For some reason OS and SQL are only using a total of 1.9 Gbtyes with SQL using about 1.66 Gbytes. The windows task manager of the said server is showing the following: Physical memory (k)
Total: 2620780
Available: 524952
System cache: 118588 Commit Charge (k):
Total: 1901664
Limit: 6661540
Peak: 2010372 In SQL performance counter: Total Server Memory, SQL is using is 1.66Gbytes. It seems like OS is giving the impression to SQL server that it only has a total of 1.9 Gbytes available and therefore SQL 2K is only the maximum it can use which is 1.66 Gbytes. Can someone help me figure out how to make the OS utilize 2.5 Gbytes of RAM so at least SQL 2K can use close to 2 Gbytes. Wingman
32-bit S2K std can only use the 2G virtual address space,
of which approx 256M is reserved for purposes other than data buffers
hence, S2K w/o /3GB will frequently show 1.66GB physical memory used to use more, you will need S2K EE, 64-bit S2K Itanium, or S2K5
the same can be found on "Maximum Capacity Specification" in BOL. Regards Hemantgiri S. Goswami
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