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What are the performance implications of using RDO over ADO? Fat client two tier application.
Depends. If you are using ODBC only RDO is probably a bit faster. It’s just a thin wrapper for ODBC. But Microsoft is no longer adding any new functionality to ODBC and if I remember correctly RDO won’t be available in Visual Basic 7 either. So Microsoft is moving away from odbc (and rdo) to oledb and ado.net instead. Using ADO you would have more flexibility and more support for the future. Still I don’t see odbc disappearing in quite a while. /Argyle
Using ADO allows you to use OLE DB and DSN-less connections, which also help provide additional performance. ——————
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I had tested the same in one of my applications. Due to the application requirement, we had to show a list of 10000 records on a list box. With RDO, the same application was taking almost 3-4 minutes, with ADO, the same finished in less than 10 secs. I guess this will give u an idea of high performance of ADO. The structure of ADO is pretty flat as well. I mean there is no hierarchy that used to exist in RDO. So coding is faster and also there are numerous settings that u can do when u use ADO which will increase performance. HTH. Gaurav
We had an application where RDO outperformed ADO, it was twice as fast. But I guess that only shows that there are a lot more things that affect performance than just the choice of either RDO/ADO. Things like how you actually use the RDO/ADO interfaces in an optimal way, how you design your application and database, how you use indexes etc. But again, ADO is the future safe alternative. /Argyle
Another thing is that RDO is biased to relational databases where as ADO isn’t, if you’re using RDO for files and even Access I think it might be a little slower. Cheers
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Hi How about using DSN with RDO? Is it better than ADO in this case?
Also, my application resides on Win NT 4.0 with SQL 6.5 DB.
I am wondering if switching the code from RDO to ADO will help me.