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Reading .blg or perfmon files

I have scheduled performance monitor files, it ran for 5 hours and it created a file as .blg file under c:perflogs. Using this file, I want to find out the problem if any exist in the server. Could anyone help me out understand this perf monitor file. Thanks,

Untill you don’t told us the reason/what you are looking for in Perfmon we could not give you suggestion. What kind of performance issue you are facing? Hemantgiri S. Goswami
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As Hemant mentioned give us more info to get the right answers… You can the following…
Tips for Using Performance Monitor
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I am trying to give some statistics to my manager about the production sql server which is going to be live soon. As a team member, I was asked to find if there is any performance problem in sql server. So I am using performance monitor and sql profiler to identify any bottlenecks in sql server. I have scheduled the performance monitor for 9 hrs and captured the log(and also captured the sql queries) when the system was tested by the testing team by some testing tools. Since I am using the performance monitor for the first time, I am finding hard time to understand the statistics(graph). I need some help to understand the log which I captured thru perfmon to identify any sql server hardware bottlenecks. Please let me know if you need more details. Mohammed, Thanks for the url which is very useful. Thanks,
Check the following articles…
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Thanks All For the help. The links were really useful. Thanks Once Again