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RecordSet->GetCollect() length limit??

Sounds impossible but one of my co-workers found that while SQL Server
is load heavy and busy in processing multi requests, the function
GetCollect(col_name) returns only the first 500 chars for a column of
varchar(2000). We are runninng MDAC2.6
Where are you observing these results from ?
Can the problem be reproduced in query analyser ? (Remember query analyser has an option to limit varchar width)

this is not an easily reproducable problem. It occurred in a
program in VC++6/SQL Server 2K/ADO. Only when the load is very
heavy and seemed sql server returned the 1st 500 chars as
soon as possible without going thru the whole _bstr_t. If this
is a ‘flaw’ by design, then there should be a solution to
correct it. Is it true that sql server select stmt has a capability to return the
first a few records asap if certain condition is added?
Look for OPTION (FAST n) in BOL. Bambola.
But be aware this can sometimes be detrimental to the rest of your query execution