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Recovering corrupt transaction logs????

Hello Gang, I am trying to recover a backup. the full backup went well but went I tried to recover the transaction logs i realized there were one missing file and it gave me an error message asking for the missing file. Do you guys know if there is a way around such a issue??
If you are missing one file in a chain of transaction log backups there isn’t anything you can do about it. You need all transaction log backups in the chain up till the point in time you want to restore. /Argyle
I have no personal experience with it, just read about it, but you might try to check "Lumigent Log Explorer". It is a tool that reads the transaction log into something understandable, and if I am not mistaken it can recover selective data. Even if it does not, it might help you get an idea of what went on from the missing log and on. Bambola.

I restore the last full back up, that allowed me to recover quite a bit of data but i lost valuable information.
Bambola, thanks for the tip on Lumigent. I read the FAQ and I might consider purchasing it.
I use Lumigent Log Explorer, and once you get used to using it, it can be a life saver. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP