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Redo logshipping on the same db

I am testing the following scenerio: I set up the logshipping for a test database called db1 and ship it from server A to B, and it is working fine. I created db1 using a backup copy of the live database from our live server, server C. Now I want to test the go-live steps on server A, which the live db name is still db1 and also from server A to B. With the initial logshipping settings still in place and active for db1 in server A, I restore a new db1 backup (1 day newer than the existing copy in server A) on the top of the existing db1 in server A. Surprisingly the agent jobs for backup (on server A), copy and restore (on server B) for db1 are still working. Here are my questions: 1. After the new restore on top of the db1 in server A, I really expect the logshipping will fail because the db1 (logshipped one) in server B is still the older copy log shipped from the previously db1. It is one day older than the newly restore one in server A. I expect the sequencing log file number should not match the new db1 in server A. Why the restore job on server B is still working? 2. Based on the scenerio I describe above, the proper step is to disable logshipping on the db1 first which will take out all the settings and jobs created, then restore the newer backup copy of db1, and re-setup the log shipping. Is this correct? I know this would be the safest steps but I am puzzled on why #1 is still working. wingman
Have you checked the Log shipping monitor for relevant LSN number match. Satya SKJ
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